Alex Raymond Michigan

Project Manager

Alex Raymond Michigan is an involved citizen of Maryland. he currently resides in Catonsville. He is well-respected in the business world for his expertise in budgeting, investing, and leading complex projects. When he first entered the field of finance, he envisioned himself as a member of a successful and progressive group. He has had consistent success across a wide range of fields and endeavors that he has entered over the years.

As his first job out of college, Raymond went straight into the finance industry at Morgan Stanley. He stayed on for over a decade, taking in all the knowledge he could about business management and finance. Along with this, he realized the value of teamwork in expanding his circle of reliable advisors.

When Alexander Raymond worked at Morgan Stanley, he focused on developing his interpersonal and project management skills and expanding his network. During his decade-long career, he obtained numerous credentials, such as PMI, Advanced Certified Scrum Master, Series 7, and 66, among others.

Alex Raymond Michigan was able to promote his project management skills in various fields thanks to completing these certifications. As a result, he broadened his horizons and pursued numerous exciting new avenues.

After leaving Morgan Stanley, his focus shifted to a broader range of project management fields. Although money was still a significant factor in his life, he became interested in working on IT projects. He quickly realized his potential in this regard. Before leaving Morgan Stanley, he expanded his business to an annual revenue of about $330,000 and helped his partners increase their revenue by more than 30%.

He has opened his own IT project management business and is already showing signs of a more significant income potential within just two years.

There was no bump in the road during the transition from financial services to managing IT projects. James Raymond put his ten years of experience at Morgan Stanley to use in his new position. He was free to pursue novel avenues of opportunity, so Alex Raymond signed two lucrative contracts. The contracts were with Navy Federal and Driscoll's. Raymond has received consulting offers from CVS, Ameriprise, and Key Bank in project management. Because of his extensive background working in IT, he now holds the dual roles of project manager and Scrum Master.

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